Introducing – Georgia Flynn Creative 

Hey, my name is Georgia and I’m a passionate gig photographer from New Brighton, Wirral. My journey in gig photography started about 2 years a go and I’ve loved every single minute of it. Spoiler alert: I started Shout About It around a year and half a go. It’s been incredible to be able to share the work of so many photographers from across the world and put on a festival – two things I though I’d never do but hey! I can’t wait to carry on this journey with so many incredible gig photographers.

I love getting to gigs as much as possible especially around Liverpool. It’s great to be able to support lots of upcoming bands and photograph their journey!

Find my work on

Insta: georgiaflynncreative

Twitter: @georgeporge13

Here are a small few of my photographs from the past year or so…



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