Gary Coughlan – Top 10 Moments of 2017 

As many of you in the gig photography community will know, we are lucky enough to experience a lot of epic moments throughout the year. Although gig photography can become an expensive hobby and a lot of work for a very low cost if not free – the thrill often outways the negatives. 

Recently on Twitter we reached out to gig photographers and asked for their top ten moments at gigs in 2017. First up is Liverpool based photographer Gary Coughlan.

1. First ever gig with a photo pass and shooting for a review. Blue Aeroplanes in the o2 Academy. Scary and exciting in equal measures. Peter Guy (Getintothis) and Vicky Pea (Planet Slop) gave me a try and I hope I didnt disappoint. 

2. Getting a photo pass through the wonderful Popped Music for Sound City 2017. Getting a pass for this festival was on my list of objectives for the year. It was a very tough weekend. Over 3,000 photos, catching 56 Bands and a crippled body later I learned a lot and while I promised I would NEVER do it again I am already thinking about SC 2018. What is wrong with me? 

3. Meeting some of the wonder people that you share a photo pit/side of a stage with. There are some supremely talented shooters around Liverpool, and everyone so far has been social, welcoming and supportive. Before a gig milling around, after the 3 song rule and in-between acts you can get talking to the other shooters and those conversations can really make my night. 

4. Going along to Shout About It Live. Genuinely love the idea of Shout About It Live and all that comes with it. again, it was a chance to rub shoulders with very like minded people. For personal reasons I never got around to displaying, and I could only attend one day, but I hopefully won’t make these mistakes next time. 

5. Shooting Arcade Fire. 

6. Getting my favourite piece of glass back from repair after I stupidly dropped and smashed it before a gig. 

7. discovering new acts like, Black Pulp, Idles, Kashmir Kids, Hello Operator, Touts, She Drew the Gun, Xam Volo, Fizzy Blood and more that were never on my radar before getting into the pit. 

8. Being the only shooter in the Echo Arena for Catfish and the Bottlemen’s sold out show. 

9. Being kicked out of the that show for overstaying my welcome in the pit. Might not seem like a favourite moment but I really enjoyed it. 

10. hey, I made it to 10. Some of them are quite general (sorry about that). last favourite moment is looking forward to the next whatever the gig/pass/worry/anxiety/planning/shoot/space/lighting and all that it entails. 

11. Bonus moment. My least favourite moment, dropping the lens from Point 6 above and paying over £600 to get it repaired. Still gives me nightmares watching it bounce across the concrete.

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