Andy Tatt – Top 10 Moments of 2017

With the end of 2017 reaching the final months, we continue our roundup of 2017 looking at our photographers Top 10 Moments if 2017. Below we caught up with Andy Tatt, who shared his from the past year.

  1. One of my favourite shots of the year was when Atomic Kittens Liz McClarnon stuck her tongue out to me with a lovely bit of halo effect going on around her head. What made the moment even better, she liked the photo herself and proceeded to use it.
  2. Following on from no.1, the following day Mark Read from A1 approached me commenting on how much he liked the shot. In a world where reputation is key, this meant a lot to me.
  3. My first Arena happened at the start of the year and it was with one of my favourite bands. Avenged Sevenfold, with In Flames and the legendary Disturbed all at Nottinghams Motorpoint Arena where I was shooting for Nottingham Live.
  4. In February I was featured in #HTBARP Werkschau No.2, and international concert photographers digital magazine. Getting recognised in a fantastic photography community felt like a reward to all the hard work i’ve been putting in.
  5. It is important to always grow and learn along the way. Over the space of the year I have had people ask me for my advice on concert photography. In no.4 I was recognised by others, but to help others achieve their dreams and full potential is important to me.
  6. Collaborating with Martin Dunning to create On Track Media UK is a big one for me, and is an ongoing development, we are developing full media packages for festivals and events with some major talks in place. We have already been a part of some interesting events and have some great photographers collaborating with us.
  7. Buying my first full frame DSLR. I went with the Canon 5D mk iii and havent looked back. Having The 5D as my main body and 7D as my backup is not a bad place to be in.
  8. Not only shooting Living Colour on parts of their UK tour but getting one of my images signed by the full band. It was an honour and they are a band I have been invited to shoot again in the future.
  9. A very recent one, gaining a photographers pass for Nickelodeon’s SlimeFest was insane, shooting some incredible artists with the likes of Professor Green, Breanna Yde (School of Rock) and Diversity using my images. Reaching over 60,000 likes.
  10. Number 10 is the biggest. Over the last year Ive met some amazing people who I can now call my friends (theirs way too many to mention), I’ve joined the team at Shout About It, and as a music photographer I have seen myself personally develop and understand my kit more and more. Im excited to look back in a years time and see where this crazy adventure has taken me. I want to thank all those who’ve been a part of it and raise a glass to all your killer shots!
    Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 18.53.59
    Getting Featured in HTBARP Werkschau No.2

    Meeting Deb Kloeden at Shout About It Live

    An image Professor Green went on to use.

    Diversity caught mid air at Nickelodeon’s SlimeFest
    Want to share your best moments with us, drop us an email with your favourite bits of 2017 –

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