Svenja Block – Top 10 Moments of 2017

Over the past couple of weeks we have been sharing some incredible moments from gig photographer’s all around the world! If you’re not already inspired to pick up a camera and start photographing gigs, you sure will be after reading a couple of 2017 round ups!
We continue our top moments with Svenja Block who exhibited at Shout About It Live earlier this year!
10. The first gig of the year is always exciting and The NOVA TWINS made it extra special.
9. Being acknowledged and appreciated by both new and established musicians – it helps overcoming a sometimes hostile working environment.
8 .Photographing women!
7. Taking photographs of GARY NUMAN play live at O2 Academy Brixton and sadly missing him performing together with daughter Persia for ‘My Name Is Ruin’ because I was coming down with the flu and left early.
6. Photographing rock stars on the floor, throwing themselves around (A VOID, THE BLACK BULLETS)) or striking a pose while standing with the back to the audience. I have a soft spot fot those moments…
5. Getting great photos of the drummer. Challenging if boys/girls play in semi darkness. The drums for STIFF LITTLE FINGERS and THE AMAZONS were raised and had stunning visual stage lights.
4. Playing around with different lenses – not shooting with those you are supposed to.
3. Festivals!!! All of them (Camden Rocks, Punk & Disorderly in Berlin, Punk n’Roll Rendezvous). Loving the organised chaos and the adrenaline buzz while discovering old and new talent alike.
2. There are more promising gigs lined up before 2017 is up…my ultimate gig moment may yet arrive.
1. Attending and turning up in time, no matter how challenging it was to get there in the first place!
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