12 Days of Christmas –  Enjoy The Beat Without The Buzz –  Eggz Giveaway

Before we get started…. you could be in with a chance of winning a pair of Eggz Ear Plugs! All you need to do is head to our youtube channel & click subscribe! Whilst you’re there, why not check out our acoustic session with Strangers sponsored by Eggz Ear Plugz.

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When you ask a photographer what are the must have items they keep in their bag, you would expect them to say their cameras, a couple of lenses and a few batteries and memory cards. But one other important item is ear plugs. As photographers we spend large amounts of times blowing our ear drums to absolute pieces, whilst its cool to maintain that rockstar appearance, no ones got time for tinnitus.

Ear protection isn’t just for musicians, bouncers or technicians but also anyone else attending the gigs. The tea at Eggz Earplugs found this out the hard way and wanted to make a change. Theres all sorts of earplugs available, some stop water coming in for surfers, some claim to help sleeping but the ones we really care about are the ones which are best suited for music. Its not just about blocking out all noise, but more removing harmful sounds by lowering noise levels and actually enhancing the experience of the concert.
I recently went to shoot Swedish hard rock group H.E.A.T at Rescue Rooms in Nottingham. A band who are incredible live and as this was a gig I was looking forward too. I wanted to be able to hear those iconic European riffs, vocals and solos you hear from the band.

I am pleased to say I heard everything I wanted, everything was so clear, bringing through all the great sounds whilst keeping my ears in one piece. No ringing in the ears the next morning, no headaches, just a truly amazing evening.

I stayed for the full concert to witness the energetic performances of H.E.A.T and the supporting acts, the Eggz earplugs didn’t irritate me at all, infect I hardly felt them were in despite it being a very hot and sweaty gig.

Eggz trialling, researching and development has paid off, In my camera bag my go to pair of ear plugs were my Alpine MusicSafe Pro Earplugs, they were comfortable, came in a handy case with spare parts and multiple levels of protection. On top of this I carry a pair of Downbeats ear plugs.

Comparing Eggz to both of these, cosmetically both Alpines and Downbeats headphones have two tiers to them whilst Eggz 3 tiers give more surface contact to your inner ear and also definitely have clearer and cleaner look to them.

With regards to the packaging, Alpine provide a very hand case which organises all the bits and pieces which comes with it, so understandably needs a bigger case. However both Eggz and Downbeats have smaller metallic cases with a keyring attachment, perfect for clipping to a belt loop or next to a photo pass lanyard.

The most important section is performance, so how did the earplugs compare. I would rank them on the same level as my Alpine MusicSafe Pros. Downbeats are an entry level pair and do the job on a budget, the obvious next grade up would have been Alpine’s product selling for around £20.00. But now we have Eggz Discreet Earplugs, only cost £12.00 including the Keyring carry case. They are certainly one to consider when buying your next pair.


For roughly the same price as Alpines MusicSafe Pro earplugs, you could even treat yourself to Eggz Ultimate Ears package. This includes 1 pair of earplugs suitable for reducing noise levels by 21db. A cleaning spray, a cleaning brush, a cleaning cloth and a holdall which keeps it all compact and safe in your camera bag.

Honestly, for £12.00 you can’t go wrong. If you are looking for a discreet pair of earplugs these are the ones. These will now be my go to pair of ear defence ready for the next time I stand in the pit with an energetic frontman screaming down my lens.

The earplugs have received multiple 5 star reviews, had repeat customers buying for their band members and described as ‘great value’ ‘discreet’ and one I can relate too personally

‘Ive traditionally used expensive earplugs however kept loosing. Tried Eggz through a friend and can honestly say great value for ££’

To find out more, or grab a pair for yourself ready for your next gig head over to https://eggzearplugs.com/ 


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