Future Sound of Nottingham 2018

NUSIC.ORG.UK is a Nottingham based project which is supported by One Nottingham and Nottingham City Council.


The team run an annual competition whereby local artists are put to the test going through a fantastic competition with the end night being a concert at Rock City, whereby the winner of the evening gains a slot at the cities very own Splendour Festival.

This year the final was won by the colourful and amazing band that is The DandyLions who describe themselves as Pink and Yellow Glam Rock!


Commiserations to Ben Haynes, Emily Makis, Wolf Club, Louis Croft and Pretty Babs who were all equally as good as each other in there own right.

The evening also saw music from Nina Smith as Mark Del played host for the evening.

You can see podcasts and all that Nusic do via the link below:

Check out images from below.

The DandyLions

Ben Haynes

Emily Makis

Louis Croft

Pretty Babs

Wolf Club

Nina Smith

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