Bullet For My Valentine! Home town glory!

Its been one hell of a tour for the Bullet for My Valentine lads, and it came to an end this weekend with an incredible show to a packed out Motorpoint Cardiff. But what made this extra special was that it was a hometown show!

Pyro’s, confetti, energy and a screaming crowd! What a great way to spend a sunday!! The only downside was… we couldn’t have the photos edited in time for Sunday Club.. but thats ok, but they are eligible for sunday coming!

The build up to Bullet came from SHVPES followed by Nothing More, then Of Mice & Men before the Welsh boys came to the stage. Each band brought so much to the arena. So much movement, stage presence and even an industrialised mechanical beast from the Texan lads of Nothing More!

Bullets set consisted of:

  • Leap of Faith
  • Over It
  • Betrayal
  • 4 Words (To Choke Upon)
  • Worthless
  • Letting You Go
  • The Last Fight
  • Venom
  • Not Dead Yet
  • Drum Solo
  • Scream Aim Fire
  • You Want A Battle (Heres a War)
  • Piece of Me
  • V
  • No Way Out – with Griffin Dickinson of SHVPES
  • Suffocating Under Words of Sorrow (What Can I Do)
  • Dont Need You
  • Tears Don’t Fall
  • Walking the Demon

With Pyro confetti canons firing off at the start fo Over It, you knew this was going to be a performance packed with explosive movements! The Confetti dangled down from Motorpoints ceiling like a jungle canopy, and remained for the full show, creating carefully planned brilliance is stage design. As the stage lights changed, the canopy of confetti changed with it only adding to the mood and atmosphere of the night!

All we can say is festival season isnt that far away and not one of the bands who played would look lost on a main stage slot! We are so exciting to see where they will all be playing and will hopefully get to see them again soon!

Photos: Andy Tatt
Words: Andy Tatt
Instagram: andytattphoto

Bullet For My Valentine


Of Mice & Men


Nothing More




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