Introducing: Serkan Tuna

My name is Serkan, a white-collar worker from Ankara, Turkey. To escape from the routine of work, I started learning photography at 2013. Then I found myself as an instructor in a small photography club. To increase my theoretical knowledge of photography, I took lessons from the university and got my associate degree diploma on photography at 2017. 

Through the years I search for different genres of photography and finally found photographic satisfaction in concert photography. 
Combining my passion for photography and music is my greatest achievement in doing this.
Since 2016, I am taking photos of rock/metal bands all around Turkey including international bands visiting Turkey. 
There is no discrimination for me whether I am taking photos of a worldwide known metal band or a local rock band.
I see photography both as a way of expressing my feelings with the music I listen and as a document for those unique moments at concerts. "

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